Addiction is a mental illness (W.H.O.).

It is important to understand that person who is addicted is not a bad man, he is a sick man. Once this is understood he might be brought to the hospital for treatment. In the beginning drinking might be for fun or due to peer pressure, but for 10% out of this it becomes problem behavior. Reasons for starting the drinking may be different in each case but the story of downfall is almost the same for all.

At Shanti Nursing Home, treatment on this illness was being done since beginning i.e. 1979, but looking to the reasons, effects and the spread of this illness a separate department and a group – namely Mitra group – was formed on 16th Nov. 2001, under the leadership of Dr. Vinayak Patil who is assisted by a team consisting of medical officers, clinical psychologists and psychiatric social worker.

Deaddiction Centre

  • Mitra’ group: Looking to the importance of group therapy in this illness, this group was formed. Every Friday, at 12.00 noon, a meeting is arranged for the patients of addiction, wherein, discussions on various aspects related to this issue, sharing of experiences among the members of the group is held and valuable guidance is given to the patients and their relatives to overcome this problem. Before starting the activities of the group, a prayer is sung by the members, which is composed by Dr. Patil himself.
  • Annual function: Every year, on around 7th April, (World Health Day) a grand function is arranged and all such patients who have remained away from alcohol for one year and more and their relatives are felicitated at the hands of some renowned personality. This illness not only just a physical and mental but also a social problem. Creating this awareness in the society was also a thought behind establishing this group.