“Manuskicha Sohala” celebrated at Shanti Nursing Home, Aurangabad.

Publication of 'Madyapash'

“Manuskicha Sohala” celebrated at Shanti Nursing Home, Aurangabad.

Every year, on 1st Sunday of January, de -addiction department of Shanti Nursing Home conducts a felicitation programme called “Manuskicha Sohala”, for patients who abstain from taking alcohol for long duration.

This year Mr. Nitin Ghorpade – Iron Man, famous as the Iron Man of Aurangabad, was invited as Chief Guest for the program. Mr. Ghorpade has

“Manusaki Ki Sohla” program was held at Shanti Nursing Home on Paithan Road on Sunday. On this occasion, 80 addicts who stayed away from alcohol addiction from 1 to 21 years were felicitated.
Aurangabad iron man Nitin Ghorpade was present as the chief guest on this occasion. Mr. Ghorpade himself has gone through the journey from being an addict to Iron Man. He specifically mentioned that his own determination and his wife’s company were invaluable in his journey to recovery from addiction. Along with this, the second edition of the booklet “Madhyapash” written by the team of Shanti Nursing Home was also released by the chief guests.

This was the 21st year of celebration for Mitra Group after establishment.

The program was well conducted and made a grand event by Team SNH.

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