The facilities made available in this area are:

  1. Out Patient Department (OPD): A big spacious waiting hall with three independent consulting rooms where three consultant psychiatrists are available for OPD patients, at a time.
  2. Indoor Patients Department (IPD): 80 bedded facility. Separate male and female wards, nicely maintained general and special rooms. Special arrangements for excited ones. In patient department is looked after by team headed by independent Psychiatrist, consisting of Residents, Medical Officers assisted by Paramedical Staff, supervised by senior consultants.
  3. Laboratory: Routine laboratory investigations are carried out here, including special investigation which is supervised by a consultant Pathologist.
  4. E.E.G.: EEG was introduced for the first time in this region by SNH in 1984, for diagnostic help.
  5. Psychometric Evaluation: Various tests such as IQ, Personality, B.G., TAT, ROR, CAT, MMPI, MCMI, Memory etc. are done, which help in diagnosing the patients.
  6. Psychiatric Social Work: A qualified and experienced psychiatric social worker is working at SNH, who undertakes individual or group counseling of patients and other psychiatric social work responsibilities.
  7. De-addiction: Activities are as Individual counseling, Special group counseling on every Friday for patients as well as their family members. Supplying special medicines for de-addiction.
  8. Care Givers’ Counseling: Special groups of care givers (relatives of the patients) are conducted regularly to guide them about behavioral management with the patients at home as also their individual doubts are clarified.
  9. Casualty: This is a 24 hours facility, where excited, serious patients are attended immediately, manned by a medical officer and a resident, under supervision of a consultant psychiatrist, where all emergency equipment and drugs are available.
  10. Behavior Therapy: Behavior therapist is available for both inpatients and outpatients. Common diseases where behavior therapy is used, are as follows:
      1. OCD
      2. Anxiety Disorder
      3. Depression
      4. Sexual Problems
      5. Personality Disorders
      6. Behavioral Problems
      7. Occupational Therapy: In this department, following activities are undertaken
      8. Advice about occupation.
      9. Observation of patients for certifying fitness.
      10. Group and individual counseling.
  11. Electro Convulsion Therapy (ECT i.e. Shock Treatment): ECT i.e. Shock treatment as it is popularly known, is given here in a most modern scientific and safe manner. ECT is given under general anesthesia in a special setting equipped with all necessary equipment including central oxygen system, under supervision of 2 Anesthesiologists, Psychiatrists.
  12. Day Care Center: For patients rehabilitation who are showing considerable improvement on treatment and are in the working age group. A Day Care Center has been started with the following aims and objects:
    To create:
    1. Confidence
    2. Motivation
    3. Concentration
    4. Capacity to take decision.

Ability to: Work as team, lead a team, and finally to arrange for a job so as to enable him/her to be gainfully occupied and thus rehabilitated.
To look after all these activities, two qualified and experienced occupational therapists are available.