Data is stored in encrypted form. However, hospital not responsible for any leakage in electronically transmitted communication.

Hospital will not be responsible for hacking or unauthorized use of videos after or during the process of transmission.

If any loss occurs to client due change in the technology standards, the Hospital shall not be liable for the same and the Hospital shall not be bound to make the loss good in any case.

This website has been designed for informational purposes only. The information on this site should not be relied on as a substitute for psychiatric treatment or medication. The service is the practice of psychotherapy and counseling given on Psychiatrist’s advice.

Online Appointment Booking policy

  1. Online appointments will be scheduled as per the date and time available with the consultant.
  2. Client will be seen within 1 hour of the given time slot, which includes primary history taken by medical officer available and consultation with the Psychiatrist.
  3. Every client has to register at the new patient registration counter even if he comes only for consultation.
  4. Client has to understand that being medical professionals, consultants might have to give priority to serious medical emergencies, if they occur, before or during the sessions. However, sessions shall be continued after that.