Confidentiality and trust is the very basis of professional counseling. Online counseling assures you that all information given will be kept completely confidential*. No details about any client are revealed to any other person.

*(As is the policy of counseling practice worldwide, if a counselee is in danger to his/her own life or the life of another, the counselor will use her/his discretion to share this information with the law enforcement agency in hospitals jurisdiction/ his family member/ any other person/ third party.)

Service Security

We have made every effort to ensure security of your data.

    1. All transactions on our website utilize prevalent secure technology to protect client’s privacy and prevent any unauthorized access to his/her information.
    2. Every client doing online registration will have Unique Identification number or ID and Password and will be able to see the details pertaining to only his/her own account on “My Page” on the website. This number will be sent to the mail id provided by the client for this purpose.
  • We Recommend…….

Your greatest “security risk” is most likely to arise from the record you keep of your email. Anyone who has access to your computer could potentially read any information you keep there, including your email.

We recommend that you avoid receiving mails on your official e-mail address since your employer usually has a legal right to see your email.

If you share a computer at work or at home, you are advised to take additional precautions to ensure that no one else can see your mail. In case you take a printout of the responses, be careful not to leave it lying around.