Child and adolescent psychiatry is sub-speciality in Psychiatry. The approaches to treatment, besides psychopharmacological interventions, are many and varied. The work emphasises a multi-disciplinary approach

Initially, a diagnostic evaluation is performed to assess a child’s condition with attention to its psychological, biological, social and environmental components. The next step is to develop a comprehensive treatment plan for the child and family, often integrating ongoing care with health, mental health, educational and social service providers in the community. Our team is prepared to advocate for children and adolescents in each of these domains of care and support.

Our Child Guidance Centre treats conditions including school problems, attention problems, behaviour problems, developmental delays, seizure disorder , depression, anxiety, eating disorders, substance abuse and other mental illnesses.


Children Issues 

This centre specializes in the evaluation and intensive treatment of children ages 5 through 12 who suffer from developmental and/or psychiatric illnesses. Each child has an individualized treatment plan designed for him or her which includes medical, psychological developmental, educational, social and family assessments. Psychotherapy, education sessions and support groups involve parents and other family members in the therapeutic process.

Adolescent Issues

Youth between the ages of 13 and 17 receive individual, group and family therapy to address issues such as drug and alcohol abuse, self-destructive, defiant or anti-social behavior and mental health crises such as anxiety, depression or suicide. Treatment may include crisis stabilization, behavioral modification and psycho-pharmacology.