The proportion and spread of mental illness in today’s society is surprisingly huge. Likewise, stress management is today’s altogether different necessity. Many a times, symptoms of various mental illnesses and those of stress are many a times almost the same. For proper treatment, diagnosing the symptoms as to which exact illness they pertain to is very important. For this purpose what is needed is the proper infrastructure, expert manpower and use of their expertise to handle the available infrastructure, for betterment of patients. So also, for proper diagnosis and treatment in complicated cases, there should be communication among the treating doctors. This ensures the welfare of the patients. Keeping all these factors in mind, Shanti Nursing home functions with a missionary zeal, by providing all possible facilities and this is a continuous process.

  • Available basic infrastructure :
        1. Qualified, experienced and expert manpower
        2. Basic required facilities
        3. Social, Educational and Research work
        4. Campus
      1. Manpower:

Psychiatrists                                                04

Medical Officers                                         06

Psychologists                                               08

Psychiatric Social Worker                           01

Counselors                                                  06

Occupational Therapist                             02

Nursing Staff                                              18

Behavior / Psycho therapist                       03

Lab Technician                                           02

EEG / ECG Technician                                02

Research Staff                                           06

Librarian                                                    01

Administration                                          04

2. Basic required facilities:

O. P. D.  (Outpatient department)

Emergency service

I. P. D. (In patient department)


E.E. G./ E. C. G.

Psychometric testing

Mind training Centre

Shock Treatment (Electro Convulsive Therapy)


De-addiction centre

Vocational guidance / Day Care Centre

Social Work department

Education / Research department


Lecture Hall

Group therapy

Care givers’ program

3. Social, Educational and Research work

        1. Eradication of Superstition and Social awakening: Normally, in general public, there is an influence of various misconceptions, unknown fear, stigma etc. about the mental illness. Since last 34 years, Shanti Nursing Home has been has been doing extensive work in this area till date. By arranging camps on this issue, at various places and in different institutions, people are being educated especially in rural area, against the cruel and brutal ways of treating the mentally ill.We are now getting positive response to this untiring task.
        2. Free services in Day Care Centre: With a view to rehabilitate the patients who have come out of the clutches of mental illness, necessary training is being provided at the Centre, aiming at developing their vocational skills to make them stand on their own feet. For this, the patients attend the centre regularly and punctually. They are trained to make the articles like files, phenyl, bags, greeting cards etc. So also, they are engaged in activities like games, exercises, yoga etc. This helps to improve their physical health also. All these things are done free of any charge, whatsoever.
        3. Care givers’ awareness program: One of the most important and most successful enterprises of Shanti Nursing Home is the establishment of a trust working for the benefit of the patients of Schizophrenia and their care givers, solely by the initiative of themselves in the year 2003, namely ‘Schizophrenia Swasthya Ani Punarvasan Pratishthan’. The care givers frequently need the guidance and counseling. On every 4th Sunday at 12.00 noon, a meeting is arranged to discuss various related issues, share and exchange mutual thoughts, views and experiences. Speeches, workshops of experts in the field are also arranged. Another achievement is making the State Transport (S.T.) of Govt. of Maharashtra & Railway concession facility which was initially applicable for disabled persons’, available to the psychiatry patients as well. It has facilitated the treatment of many patients from far flung areas.
        • Educational and Research Work:
          • Since last so many years, students of different faculties and colleges from various places in the State have been regularly visiting the hospital to whom, training in psychology and psychiatry is being given.
          • The 2nd yr M.B.B.S. students of M.G.M. Medical College, Aurangabad are having their 2 weeks’ posting in Psychiatry here in this hospital.
          • Diploma course (D.P.M.) of the C.P.S. of Bombay was started here in 2004 and the D.N.B. (Psychiatry) course of N.B.E. New Delhi in 2008. So far, in all 20 students (17 – Diploma and 3- DNB) have passed out from here and they are serving the society as psychiatrists.
          • As on today, 8 institutions are attached to the hospital for training of their students of B. Sc, M. Sc and RGNM (Nursing) in Psychiatry for theory & practical and the regular batches of students are visiting the hospital for training.
        • Library:
          • A well stocked library of books on Psychiatry (Text and Reference) is a pride possession of the hospital. The same is updated from time to time. It proves to be of immense help to both – the doctors (in treating the patients) and the students (in learning the subject).
        •  Lecture Hall:
          • A spacious, air conditioned lecture hall, equipped with all the ultra modern audio-visual systems, is always ready to cater to the needs of knowledge hunger students.


  • Campus :

The entire campus is spread over on one acre land, having well maintained garden on the three sides with lush green lawns and colorful flower beds to make the depressed minds cheerful and tranquil.