Survival and curiosity are the motives behind research. We believe in it and hence research is always on our agenda.
Research wing of Shanti Nursing Home has worked so far as follows:

  1. International Clinical Trials:
    Shanti Nursing Home has conducted numerous clinical research trials including several randomized clinical trials. The primary aim is to support mega-trials spread all over world. Shanti Nursing Home has supported over 42 international, randomized clinical trials on various psychiatric disorders like Schizophrenia, depression, Bipolar disorder etc.The Shanti Nursing Home has a well-established Ethics Committee for scientific review of all research work conducted here.

    The international trials conducted at Shanti Nursing Home were audited by European Medical Agency (EMA), Quintiles Quality Assurance Department, various Sponsors Auditors and various Third Party Auditors and was found to be the best.

  2. Research in Phenomenology:
    1. Phenomenology of Post – Partum Psychiatric Disorder.
  3. Clinically useful research activity carried out:
    1. Comparative study of safety and efficacy of combination of typical antipsychotic drugs i.e. Trifluoperazine + Chlorpromazine + Trihexyphenidyl with those of widely used atypical antipsychotic i.e. Olanzapine in subjects with Schizophrenia.
    2. Effect of haloperidol and Olanzapine on ECG when administered orally in patients of Schizophrenia.
  4. Ongoing research activities:
    1. Observational studies.
    2. Phase – III international clinical trials.
  5. And miles to go before we sleep.